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The ‘Easy-Easier’ child’s voice resource is designed to fully involve the child when planning and reviewing their outcomes.

The approach centres on using the language of Easy-Easier and a simple structured system for the child to think about their outcomes.

There are three stages with accompanying resources:

1.Listen to the child’s voice, by including them in a structured approach to help them to think about the tasks they find easy and those they would like to find easier.
2.Plan actions for those tasks the child would like to find easier. Include the child in this process, listen and incorporate their ideas and suggestions. They may have the solution!
3.Review progress with the child – post tickets in the ‘Easy’ side once child judges that a task is now ‘Easy’ (or as ‘Easy as it can be’)

The Easy-Easier Child's Voice Toolkit incorporates additional curriculum outcomes within 8 areas for children years 1 - 6.
1. Sensory Function and Efficiency
2. Understanding the world
3. Interaction with the world
4. Managing our own world
5. Understanding ourselves and our place in the world
6. Media Access
7. Accessible and assistive technology
8. A positive future
Children post colour coded additional curriculum outcomes tickets using the Easy-Easier Posting Box to record their thoughts. The practitioner completes an action plan with the child and records their progress in individual outcome progress record booklets. The additional curriculum booklets have 2-3 outcomes set out for each area, for each year group.
This resource is suitable for use with an LA caseload, for a whole school approach, for a resource base.
It is mapped to the sister resource 'Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND' which carefully details the exact additional curriculum outcomes the child may need to develop in order to reach each of their National Curriculum Outcomes for En, Ma, Sci, years 1 - 6

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