The Easy-Easier Child's Voice Toolkit (inclusive of additional curriculum)

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Listening to the Child’s Voice- an ‘Easy-Easier’ approach to listen, plan and review. (This resource is designed to accompany Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND but can be used separately. It offers an approach that is applicable to all children with SEND in years 1 – 6). The ‘Easy-Easier’ child’s voice toolkit is designed to fully involve the child when planning and reviewing their outcomes and is a whole school/service resource.The resource supports the child to develop their additional curriculum outcomes. Positive Eye has developed an additional curriculum which addresses 8 areas that the child may need to develop skills within.

The Additional Curriculum Outcomes © works across two products which link together

Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND and The Easy-Easier Child’s Voice Toolkit

Some examples from each area are included here:

Sensory Function and Efficiency

Learning how to use each sense and master control over – listening, vision, tactile…. etc……

Understanding the World

Concept development , receptive language, object characteristics, spatial understanding, understanding actions and events…… etc…..

Media Access

Access to information – learning how to use and using adapted materials, using specialist adapted equipment…etc…

Interaction with the world

Expressive language, co-operation and negotiation with others, environmental knowledge and concepts……etc…….

Managing our own world

Organisation and efficiency, self regulatory behaviour, time management, personal hygiene…..etc……

Understanding our place and ourselves in the world

Social communication, body language, social etiquette, problem solving and goal setting….etc……

Accessible and Assistive Technology

Using IT to access learning, using IT to record own work, using IT for research…..etc…….

A positive future

Career awareness, managing your own home, managing finances…..etc.

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