Sparkle's Everyday Learning Programme

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A fun, engaging, holistic early year’s programme of exciting, extendable activities based on everyday learning opportunities, aimed at children age 2.5 years + Designed for quick, achievable delivery inclusive of children with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEN-D), with particular focus on children with vision impairment (VI). Uses lively interactive teaching methods and maximum use of different learning styles

Why use?
A ready-to-go kit packed with exciting fun resources
Fun ‘Challenges’ designed to maximise learning within everyday situations
Extendable activities and top tips cards to support quick, achievable delivery
Planned activities are designed to support the child with SEN-D to reach their outcomes
Focussed activities for key development areas: tactile, fine motor, gross motor; concept and language and maximising optimum use of visual skills
Engaging talking puppet ‘Sparkle’ supports children to develop a basic understanding about how we are all different and ‘unique’
Product can be purchased as an electronic download for you to source the resources for each activity yourself price: £95.00. Alternatively it can be purchased inclusive of the resources for each activity, price: £180.00 + P&P

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