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Liverpool City Council is looking to recruit a Brallist, the successful candidate will assist in the support and inclusion of educationally blind pupils within a mainstream school.
Supporting the Pupil
Drawing on knowledge of visual impairment, to develop an understanding of the specific needs of the pupils concerned.
To aid the pupil to learn effectively by preparing and adapting printed texts to meet the needs of the blind pupils by:
Having a working knowledge of the Braille code in order to reproduce Braille texts as follows:-
• Using a Perkins Brailler
• Using a Braille note-taker and specialised software to translate print into Braille. (This requires knowledge of the operating procedure).
• Using an embosser.
Reproduce accurately tactile diagrams, charts, maps, plans and pictures as follows:
• Differentiating the curriculum wherever necessary to provide the child with access to the same concepts as their peers, eg: reading schemes which have been re-brailled and additional tactile materials have been added in place of pictures.
• By using a Zychem machine
• Motivating and encouraging pupils as required
• Be familiar with pupils’ needs and respond to requests at short notice and by ensuring Braille material is available in all lessons
• Translating Braille into print when required
• Liaising with class teacher.
• Checking that visually based language and concepts have been properly understood.
To establish a supporting relationship with the pupil concerned.
To encourage acceptance and inclusion of the pupil with peers.
To develop methods of promoting and reinforcing pupil self-esteem.
Closing date: 21 June 2018 Job number: LCC01716
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