VI Notetaker required in Watford area:

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Terra Consultancy is looking to recruit with immediate start a Specialist Notetaker for a Visually Impaired student at Watford.

Notetaker required the 2 days per week:
Tuesday 9.30 - 5.30
Friday 9.30- 4.15

Interested pls email CV at

Essential Qualification

•CACDP Level 3 Certificate for Language Service
Providers working with Deaf and Deafblind
People (Notetaking) OR
•NRCPD Registered Notetaker OR
•Signature NVQ 2 electronic notetaking OR
•Level 3 certificate in facilitating communicationwith deaf people (notetaking skills) OR
•OCN Level 3 Certificate in Electronic Notetaking
•CACDP Level 2 Certificate in Manual Notetaking
for Deaf People OR
•CACDP Level 2 Certificate in Electronic
Notetaking for Deaf People OR
•CACDP Level 3 Certificate for Manual/Electronic
Notetakers OR
•In house training as a notetaker for deaf
students that is formally accredited (or the
course is in the process of being accredited) by
one of the above organisations or another
recognised accreditation body, and which leads
to a final skills assessment OR
• Other training, including at a HE institution,
delivered by an appropriately qualified trainer who
can demonstrate a relevant qualification in specialist
notetaking, and which leads to a final skills

All interested pls email CV to
Terra Consultancy adopts equal opportunity approach to its recruitment.

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