2nd SPEVI Joint Conference Presentation: Outcomes for literacy - Family Story Time Show

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Dr Donna Carpenter, Director of the Kentucky Deafblind Project and 12 South East States of America, sought a way of enabling literacy for the families they support that was meaningful and accessible. In August 2020 a collaboration between Positive Eye and the 12 SE States led to achieving THE MOST INCREDIBLE OUTCOMES for children through a Family Story Time Show. Alongside, I trained the educators and parents in the underpinning skills that are crucial for literacy to further support the outcomes from the show. One of the exciting outcomes from this training is that families and the educators are now writing stories so that an accessible library of stories can be created! A Family Story Time Show is currently going out to 100 families across 12 Midwest States of America and a second Story Time Show is going out to 50 families in the SE States on a 4 week run from next week. It is simply incredible to experience, see, embrace, share, celebrate the truly amazing outcomes achieved from this show. You have to see it, to feel it , to know it. Everyone goes away each week elated and feeling joyful! Parents report the following outcomes: Improved concentration during other story times, improved listening, improved visual attention, improved focus, improved vocalisation, more laughter, more smiles. They just simply love the show. It's growing, Midwest States are so happy they already want their second show! How exciting for the families to have this to look forward to! The show is completely underpinned with best teaching and learning practices for all children, inclusive of those who are deafblind, have a complex need and vision impairment, have a vision impairment AND the wonderful part is that it is perfect for the rest of the family. We hear reports of everyone singing the 'Let's Ribbet song,' and 'Welcome to the wonderful world of Marvin song.' (All songs written and composed by Tom McCormack). Find out how you can make this happen for the children you support here in the UK. At a time of such great difficulty this show brings so much happiness and educational value in equal measure. Here is the presentation by Dr Donna Carpenter and I that we proudly gave at the SPEVI Conference on Monday 19th January 2021. Enjoy our enthusiam and love for our work, its infectious! Gwyn McCormack, founder of Positive Eye. UK. https://www.positiveeye.co.uk/general-news/7948/

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