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What is the Positive Looking Program?
Positive Looking provides a programme of activities, goals and observations which guide practitioners working with their learners, to promote the development of visual skills.

What is the purpose of the Positive Looking Program?
When we work with our learners we are constantly observing and building a picture of how they use their vision to access the world. In building our picture some of the jigsaw pieces fall easily into place, others take more time, whilst there are some which we will always seek a place for.

Positive Looking supports us to do this work. Its purpose is to help the practitioner understand how their learner uses vision and to know which visual skill areas to focus on. Within the program clear observation points provide guidance on what to look for. With this knowledge, goals can be set, activities planned, resources selected and the learner supported appropriately throughout the whole curriculum and beyond... Read the full article here: https://www.positiveeye.co.uk/general-news/8128/
Book your place on the next Positive Looking course here: https://www.positiveeye.co.uk/our-products/positive-looking-online-training/
Positive Looking Programme: https://www.positiveeye.co.uk/our-products/positive-looking-1/

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