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Yesterday, we presented a special Story Time Show to celebrate one year of it making a huge difference to children, right across the world. The positive outcomes for children (with VI, HI, Complex Needs, CVI, PMLD) from the Story Time Show are quite frankly making everyone so very excited. I currently receive many amazing messages from parents telling me the difference they have seen in their child's participation in stories, better engagement, better focus, better attention, vocalisation, imaginary play..... and on it goes.

One teacher was so surprised at the difference in a child in her class during story time, taking part, asking questions, something she had never done before. The mum answered, 'Why she is watching the Story Time Show!"

This time last year the Story Time Show didn't exist... now it is making a huge and significant difference to both the lives of children and their parents.

Read my story of the Story Time Show and the impact it has having for all children inclusively.
It is extremely well loved and thought of both here and in America where it is growing.

If you are interested in a Story Time Show for your school or organisation thenplease do get in touch with me, it's gwyn@positiveeye.co.uk

It's inclusive of all children and young people with complex needs and it works just as successfully with secondary age young people with complex needs as it does with primary or younger children.
Here is the link to the full story of the weekend's celebrations where we welcomed families and professionals from all over the UK and the USA to celebrate with us.
All I can say is you have to see it to believe it.

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