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The Step-back Mentor Course….Step-in, Step-back to enable children and young people

Do you over support, over help the learners you support?
Do you allow the learner to be an effective problem solver?
Do you plan long term goals and outcomes for the child/learner?
Does everyone know what they are? Does each stakeholder know their role in this?
Does the child/young person know the WHAT, HOW and WHY of their support?

Maximising opportunities for a child, young person or adult to become as independent as possible, to fulfil their potential and to be ready to take their place in society is the aim of educators working in supporting roles. E.g. Class teacher, Teacher of VI, Teaching Assistant, Habilitation Specialist, Youth Worker, Social Worker, Family Support Worker.

Your role within this process is complex. The Step-back Mentor course delves into your role in maximising independence and teaches a specifically designed approach…. ‘The Step-in, Step-back Approach’ to maximise the independence of the children, young people or adults that you work with.

It enables you to listen, respond and plan goals with the child/young person at the centre of this person centred approach. (The Step-back Programme was originally developed at Positive Eye to support the implementation of the new Additional Learning Needs Education Act in Wales)
Everyone who works with children, young people and young adults benefits from Step-Back, it's at the core of what we all do! Sign up here:

There is also more information about Step-back for Wales here

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