2nd Positive Looking International Community Network Event

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On Saturday 25th September 2021, Positive Eye held the 1st Positive Looking International Community Network Event and launched the Positive Looking Community Library of resources for those educators using Positive Looking. Positive Looking is the visual skills programme that is widely used across the UK by Services and Special Schools and is also now making its way in Australia, America and Iceland amongst other countries. In the last year 24 Teachers of VI, 17 in the UK and 7 in the USA have passed the course to become Positive Looking Trainers. Next cohort starts October 2022.

Positive Eye is bringing together the international community who are using the Positive Looking programme to share best practice, to develop and create resources to add to the Positive Looking Community Library. The library is already bursting with resources added by Positive Eye to get the facility started.

The event on Saturday was well attended and the feedback has been extremely positive. The purpose of the network events is to come together to share resources, ideas and to learn how others are embedding Positive Looking across their schools. We will also work in groups to develop the resources for the library... based on the practice that is happening in the field. It couldn't be more exciting for Positive Eye than at this moment and the shared energy on Saturday was fantastic.

Please do email gwyn@positiveeye.co.uk if you would like to attend the next event and learn from others across the UK and the international community.

Here is the link to more information: https://positiveeye.co.uk/our-products/positive-looking-network/

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