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Positive Looking Online Training
The next opportunity to attend the award winning Positive Looking Programme training starts early January 2022.
The Positive Looking Programme is currently used in Australia, America, Iceland and the UK. It's an internationally respected programme and adopted by more and more special schools as they learn about the simplicity of the approaches. It offers a whole school and inclusive approach to developing visual skills. A Positive Looking International Community has been established to support the workforce. We are building the resources to meet the needs of children. The library of rcurrently 75 individual resources (and growing) and the network meetings are all free to attend by those who have the programme or who have attended training on Positive Looking. Here is the link to book your place and join this thriving and growing international community.

Course: Positive Looking Online Visual Skills

World Congress on SEN Presentation (Recording)
A model of a Story Time Show: The model of a Sparkly Story Time Show: Bringing literacy to life for children with complex learning needs in a virtual world

I recently presented at the World Congress on SEN about the literacy and additional curriculum outcomes from the Story Time Show. The Story Time Show is a model I have developed at Positive Eye and it is strengthening literacy outcomes and making a huge difference to 100’s of children with complex learning needs in the USA. The presentation was 100% positively received by the Congress. As a consequence, the following day I received an invitation from the Chair of the Steering Group to write an extended paper for the Internatioanl Journal of Digital Society. This is a huge honour and I am delighted that the World Congress saw the true value of this work. Due to time constraints I have declined the offer, but I am re-energised to find ways to share this work with as many as possible so that the strategies and approaches can be adopted and used with children with complex learning needs, inclusive of those with CVI, VI, DeafBlind.

This is the presentation, it is short and there is so much more to say. I have many many many outcomes listed over an 18 month period of presenting Story Time Shows to children and their families. The story of the Story Time Show and how it developed is in itself a beautiful story but the outcomes for children are the really beautiful story which unfolds daily. Thank you Gwyn McCormack Positive Eye.

World Congress on SEN Presentation

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