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In collaboration with the South East States Deafblind Projects and the American Printing House for the Blind Family Connect Center, USA and Positive Eye UK
STORY TIME SHOW: Marvin's Italian Adventure.
A fantastic opportunity for your families, schools, early years centres to participate in the Story Time Show this summer.
This show run is 5 shows over 5 Tuesdays, starting on August 15th. The show goes LIVE at 9pm GMT (4pm Eastern time) and the recording will be emailed to those on the registration list after each show. This means that in the UK the show is accessible to you. We know that many many families watch the show over and over again and love having access to the recordings.

This show is very deeply loved in America, it's watched and enjoyed by 100's of families. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity as the show potentially has a global reach to any child anywhere in the world.
The show is inclusive of everyone, and we have seen increased attention, communication, concentration, participation, vocalisation and much more. It works for ALL AGES, ALL NEEDS and ALL ABILITIES.
The show and the story packet offer a fantastic curriculum planning resource and many schools in America use the materials to maximise learning opportunities
Finally, this show is FREE and it brings huge amounts of JOY, FUN and LAUGHTER to so so many.

My one tip.... don't be put off by the lively performance, we know that many children with complex learning needs who we thought wouldn't watch for one minute, watch the whole hour without moving. Children with CVI also really love this show. There is little out there for them, this show offers hope, positivity and love and LOTS OF FUN! There are some big fans (the children and young people) who laugh all the way through the show and simply love it.

Here is the link to the blog on the APH website which has the link to register at the bottom of the page.

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