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This online visual skills course focuses on motor visual skills. Presented through a practical resource rich presentation. Designed to support the practitioner’s understanding of each visual skill.

Split across 6 x 1.30 hour online sessions
2.00 pm – 3.30pm GMT for each session (9.00 – 10.30am Eastern time | 8am – 9.30am Central Time


Session 1: Setting up the environment: 30th January 2023

Session 2: Visual Awareness and Visual attention: 6th February 2023

Session 3: Fixation and Tracking: 20th February 2023

Session 4: Transferring Gaze, Scanning and Visually Directed Reaching: 27th February 2023

Session 5: Visual discrimination of objects and Visual discrimination of images: 6th March 2023

Session 6: Positive Looking in Literacy and within the curriculum: 13th March 2023

The course includes demonstrations of how to develop each of the motor visual skills. It explores practical ideas and activities to support the practitioner. To help plan targeted interventions and explain observation points. To help assess and identify the child’s responses.

BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE: https://positiveeye.co.uk/our-products/positive-looking-online-training/

Takeways from last cohort:
“I don’t want this course to end Gwyn, it’s been amazing, I have learnt so much”

"“Thank you so much for this it has been great. This will give me confidence to identify what skills learners should be developing next, separating them out and supporting the teams working with them to develop visual skills in everyday activities”
“Lots of ideas and skills to take on board to develop visual skills. Enjoyed every minute of this course”
“Thanks so much Gwyn, have taken away so much from this course”
“It really has been massively beneficial and has allowed me to open the eyes of my teaching assistants too, to make our learning opportunities even more valuable for our young people
Lots of ideas and a different way of looking at how my pupils access their learning, such an incredible insight”

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