Animated Story on Black Background - Marvin's Seaside Adventure

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Introducing the first animated story from Positive Eye!

High contrast characters set on a black background
One single voice narrating the story and singing the songs

Hooray! Your kind and lovable friend Marvin is here in his very own cartoon!
Your friend Marvin hopes you will join him, he is  going to the seaside with his fabulous friend Fabby the Frog! They meet their friend Beautiful Betty Bird and fly their kites high in the sky.  They save Super Sparkle the dog and enjoy yummy pink ice cream from their friend Princess Peggy's Pink Ice Cream Parlour.

Support for literacy beyond the typical story book

Build literacy skills, reading, listening and enjoyment of stories beyond the typical reading book with your child. The story offers a literacy-rich experience that encourages attention, vocalisation, anticipation and engagement.

Marvin's Seaside Adventure is a wonderful happy 12-minute fun story about your friend Marvin. The story is simply presented on a black background with high-contrast friends, one voice to tell the story and sing the songs!

The animated (captioned) Marvin's Seaside Adventure with a special rainbow spin from Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn is accompanied by a FANTASTIC FREE STORY PACK including:

FREE digital version of Marvin's Seaside Adventure Story Book (All rights reserved)
Seaside Song, Beautiful Betty Bird Song, Welcome to the wonderful world of Marvin (All rights reserved)

Accessible versions of the animated story included in the pack:

Spanish audio
American Sign Language Interpretation
British Sign Language Interpretation

Animated story on a black background: Marvin’s Seaside Adventure

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