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This online visual skills course focuses on the award winning and internationally used Positive Looking Visual Skills Programme - providing a practical understanding of visual skills (e.g. visual awareness, attention, fixation, tracking etc.)

Presented through 6 practical resource rich sessions, the course is highly effective in promoting teachers/teaching assistants/paraprofessionals knowledge of including visual skills within the curriculum for the whole class and children with vision impairment.

The Positive Looking Visual Skills Programme works for all children, hence the course is suitable for any educator.

Split across 6 x 1.30 hour online sessions

All sessions are at 2.00 pm  - 3.30pm GMT for each session (9.00 - 10.30am Eastern time | 8am - 9.30am Central Time) 


Session 1: Setting up the environment: 8th January 2024

Session 2: Visual Awareness and Visual attention: 15th January 2024

Session 3: Fixation and Tracking: 22nd January 2024

Session 4:   Transferring Gaze, Scanning and Visually Directed Reaching: 29th January 2024

Session 5: Visual discrimination of objects and Visual discrimination of images: 5th February 2024

Session 6: Positive Looking in Literacy and within the curriculum: 19th February 2024

The course includes demonstrations of how to develop each of the motor visual skills. It explores practical ideas and activities to support the practitioner.
To help plan targeted interventions and explain observation points.
To help assess and identify the child’s responses.

Course: Positive Looking Online Visual Skills

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