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An exciting opportunity for families and schools..... a successful inclusive literacy programme that is having a positive impact and achieving rich literacy outcomes for children with VI, CVI, MDVI, PMLD and their siblings!

Our LIVE glittery, exciting, Story Time Show is set on a black background using high contrast characters, fun stories, catchy happy singalong songs, high energy and a huge expertise and knowledge in knowing what to incorporate into a structured programme for children with VI, CVI, MDVI, PMLD.

The show starts on January 7th 2024.

Join Marvin's Winter Wonderland Adventure Story Time Show - the children you may think would not engage even for one minute, they watch the whole hour and are calm, still, and fully engaged (I include here many children with CVI.) It's successful, it's joyous, it's happy, it's feel good, it's a programme that is accessible for all children to engage in. The show has something for everyone within the carefully structured approach. There is nothing else like it for this group of children who represent a huge unmet need.

A powerful message from a parent: "“My daughter absolutely loves the Story Time Show. She is almost constantly moves her head and eyes and flaps her hands, but as soon as the show starts she is calm, settled and focused the entire time. I thought all the bright images and sounds would ‘wind her up’ but it has the completely opposite effect! The stories are a great part of her education that we both enjoy watching together, and they give me ideas for how I can continue to help her learn.”
Mum of a home educated child, age 10 in Manchester with Cerebral Vision Impairment (CVI), Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) and an undiagnosed genetic condition.

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