Positive Eye online classes

VIEW Sponsor Gwyn and Positive Eye are running live creative classes focusing on fun projects for children and young people with vision impairment. Suitable for children, parents and professionals.

Positive Eye is running the live sessions three days a week on the “Positive Eye Ideas Machine” Facebook page – developed as a creative place to share practical ideas to support children’s learning during the #COVID19 situation. For previous lessons (regularly updated) visit: Activity Shares for Families COVID 19.

Gwyn is offering an extended timetable of free classes

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm
  • Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays: Story Time and an Activity with Gwyn
  • There will be preparation for you to do before the story time and an activity for you to do after the session (all optional or just come and listen in)

Gwyn will be dressing up and acting the characters and making some things ahead of time for each chapter of each story told.

“These are things you can make at home, and they may be things you can collect – simple objects. Using real objects and making things, as well as role play and acting are all parts of literacy that are important for all children.”

Next Class: 6 April at 4pm GMT

Introduction to the Postive Eye Idea Machine

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