2018 summer exams feedback request

VIEW would like to receive feedback from schools and services on your experiences, both good and bad, of access arrangements for this summer’s exams. We are primarily interested In GCSE and A level exams as we are in ongoing dialogue with the exam boards, but we are also happy to receive comments on National Curriculum tests if you wish to send these to us too. Our aim is to collate the information we receive into a summary report which we will share with colleagues in the sector and with the exam boards.

Please provide as much information as you can in your feedback, i.e.
• Details of the exam concerned – exam board, subject, paper and date.
• Details of the access arrangement concerned, e.g modified paper, extra time, human support etc.
• A description of what went wrong/went well
• If you wrote to the exam board concerned about the issue, please attach a copy of your letter/email and any reply you received.

Please be assured that we will anonymise all the information we receive in the summary report. However, it would be helpful to have your contact details in case we need to contact you to clarify any of the information you send us.

We will be happy to receive information from you up to the end of term.

Please send email your response to: development@viewweb.org.uk

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