Supporting pupils with vision impairment to access the computing curriculum

Photo of a student using a laptop

This resource was developed by Jane Sharp, QTVI in Wakefield, and a member of the VIEW executive.

If you have any queries, Jane would be pleased to hear from you – email:

Access to computing curriculum – initial considerations

This section focuses on considerations when developing a strategy including competing demands for time, pre-requisite skills, and how will adapted tasks be planned and delivered?

Quick guide to choosing a strategy

This PDF offers advice for a quick way to choose a strategy to support access to the computing curriculum.

Strategies for accessing computing tasks

This PDF talks about making the theoretical and practical aspects of computing accessible.

Accessible methods of delivering computing

Focuses on Flow charts, Beebot, Detective Dot, Swift playgrounds, HTML, Python, Microelectronics for all and Codejumper.

Further information and CPD