Your education questions answered

Confused about calculators? Exasperated about exams? If so, then you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve put together answers for topics that come up frequently on VI forum.

  • Calculators: a compiled list of responses from the VI Forum community to questions about calculators – including standalone calculators, calculators for Windows computers, calculators for iPads and calculators that run in browsers.
  • SATs FAQs: helpful information to address popular questions about SATs.
  • 14+ Exams FAQs: frequently asked questions about 14+ exams – including iPads in exams, ordering papers, extra time, rest breaks and practical assistants.
  • Exam acronyms: brief explanations of frequently occurring exam related acronyms.
  • Accessible revision guides: information on a range of revision guides – updated June 2023.
  • Line numbering in MLP and braille exam papers: answers to queries – including line numbering in MLP and braille exam papers, prose passages in braille, further reading and examples.
  • The use of Practical Assistants in exams: useful resource that covers frequently asked questions, ready for you to download and refer to whenever you need it!
  • Equipment for Inclusive Sports: this document provides suggestions on where to purchase equipment to help make sport inclusive for children and young people with vision impairment.

With thanks to members of the VI forum for their contributions and to the RNIB education team for collating.