Braille literacy – short focused online training courses

Image of child learning braille

VIEW recognises the need for QTVIs to access training and guidance to ensure that they have the confidence and up-to-date skills to support the teaching of literacy through braille.

Single units of online braille literacy training, drawn from material used in VIEW and RNIB’s full course: “The Effective Teaching of Literacy through Braille.”  These single units are available on a variety of subjects.

• Each unit costs £70 which gives you access to structured online learning materials and a blank portfolio to complete and take away at the end of the course. VIEW members receieve a unit free of charge as part of their member benefits (subsequent units can be purchased)

External assessment of a portfolio can be requested at an additional cost of £50.

• Choose from: Maths, Science, Foreign languages, braille music, late beginners, learners with additional needs, learners with an additional language. Individual unit descriptions are available in the application pack.

• Course materials: these are drawn from existing material used in VIEW’s full course: ‘The Effective Teaching of Literacy through Braille’. The full course is available annually between January and July and leads to a VIEW certificate. 

• Developed by: RNIB and VIEW in partnership with the Department for Education and the National Sensory Impairment Partnership, and written by specialists in braille literacy.

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