Habilitation in Afrika

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Molemisi Kono, CEO and Founder of ‘Visual Eyes Afrika-international’ (UK) updated delegates at VIEW 2023 about the work of Visual Eyes Afrika International. If you weren’t able to attend, or would like a reminder to share with colleagues, Molemisi has written the following article, which we are delighted to share with our members.

At VEA-int, we have identified that a good habilitation curriculum framework for blind and vision impaired children and young people is imperative for them to reach their full potential. It is for this reason we continue to forge and build partnerships with organisations in peri-urban and rural communities in Afrika. Our aim is to continue to develop VI curriculums akin to the UK Curriculum Framework for Children and Young People with Vision Impairment. It is from this perspective that VEA-int on behalf of its Afrikan partners will be presenting at the 2023 International Mobility Conference (Poland, Warsaw).

It is clear from VEA-int fieldwork that the need for early habilitation interventions transcends geographical boundaries. Therefore through our collective efforts, not only will VICYP attain education enabling them ‘competence, autonomy and relatedness’ but also to improve employment outcomes, wellness, wellbeing and quality of life. They will also be in a better position to seek treatment and therapy for their eye health.
Increased support, knowledge, and acceptance can help to break down barriers that usually limits VICYP in Afrika and elsewhere access to habilitation and eye health treatment they need to live the life to the full without limits and opportunities to reach their potential.

To that regards, it was befitting for VEA-int to attend VIEW 2023 conference (Birmingham, UK), where we shared our experience of Habilitation in Afrika’ – the presentation is available for download.

Our fieldwork updates also encouraged collaborations with VEA-int to improve training and developing the skills of local habilitation specialists. The focus is to equip them to be able to effectively meet habilitation needs of VICYP in their respective communities. Through these partnerships, VEA-int is demonstrating its commitment to supporting habilitation training and standards in country specific pre-service and in-service curricula in consonance with SDG’s and ‘Article 26: Habilitation and rehabilitation (UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities).