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Contact: hradmin@consult-terra.com (send yours CV)

Location: York, in person. We require a commitment of one hour per week or based on your availability

Unlock the Potential of Visually Impaired Students in Further and Higher Education
Are you a dedicated educator with a passion for making a difference in the lives of visually impaired students? TERRA Consultancy, a leader in providing support to students with sensory impairments across the UK, is seeking committed Specialist Support Professionals (SSP) to empower students in Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE). Join our dynamic team and play a vital role in fostering independence, confidence, and academic success.

Why TERRA Consultancy?

At TERRA Consultancy, we believe in empowering visually impaired students through personalized support. Our SSPs work closely with students, adapting learning resources, providing guidance, and offering invaluable assistance. Here, you'll find a collaborative environment that encourages professional growth and meaningful contributions.

Position Overview

As a Specialist Support Professional (SSP) with TERRA Consultancy, your role is multifaceted, encompassing various key responsibilities:

1. Learning Resources Adaptation: You will play a crucial role in making learning resources accessible. This includes structuring text, converting complex documents into accessible formats, and providing image descriptions. Some materials may require advanced adaptation techniques, such as creating embossed diagrams.
2. Skim Reading: For blind students, your assistance in skim reading and summarizing content is essential, particularly during research tasks.
3. Obtaining and Organizing Resources: You will help students access and organize learning materials effectively.
4. Assignment Support: Provide guidance on structuring assignments, proofreading, and referencing to ensure students' success in their coursework.
5. Research Assistance: Assist students in accessing databases, selecting relevant information, and reading it aloud for research purposes.
6. Advising Teaching Staff: Collaborate with teaching staff to ensure a cohesive learning experience for visually impaired students.
7. Developing Independent Study Skills: Empower students to become independent learners by cultivating their study skills while recognizing their ongoing need for support in accessing learning resources.

We're looking for candidates who possess:

- A commitment to empowering visually impaired students.
- Strong communication and organizational skills.
- An understanding of accessibility standards and adaptive technologies.
- Experience in supporting individuals with visual impairments (preferred).

Mandatory Qualifications (Select one from the following):

- Advisory Teacher for Students with Vision Impairments OR
- Advisory Teacher for Students with Multi-Sensory Impairments OR
- Teaching Qualification PLUS Specialist Qualification in Relevant Subject (e.g., Deaf Studies, English Linguistics, Deaf Literacy Specialist Qualification, Deaf Awareness Qualification specific to language acquisition, Disability Studies, VI Qualifications, Other etc.)

How to Apply:

If you're ready to make a profound impact on the educational journey of visually impaired students and meet the qualifications mentioned above, we encourage you to apply. Please send your CV to hradmin@consult-terra.com or email us for more information.

Join TERRA Consultancy today and become a passionate advocate for visually impaired students in further and higher education. Your dedication and expertise will help them thrive academically and reach their full potential. Your journey toward empowering others begins here, and we're here to support you every step of the way.


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