QTMSI membership offer from VIEW & BATOD

BATOD and VIEW, the professional bodies for QToDs and QTVIs respectively, have an exciting offer for all Teachers of children and young people (CYP) with MSI.

We fully recognise and acknowledge that the term MSI refers to much more than one sensory impairment plus the other; however, we also recognise the potential value to be gained from each area, deafness and vision impairment, to inform good quality MSI practice.   

We wish to develop our offer to reflect this and we would, therefore, like to extend our membership to qualified Teachers of MSI (QTMSIs). 

As a special offer for QTMSIs it is now possible to join both organisations and benefit from their support, information, advice and the online version of their specialist publications (magazine and journals)  for the total sum of a BATOD membership (£80 a year).

  • £45 to join BATOD
  • £35 to join VIEW
  • If you are currently training as a Teacher of MSI – the student offer can be applied for the period of your course. Please let us know details of your student status when you contact us.

To join

Please apply to both organisations for membership, indicating that you wish to benefit from this special offer for QTMSIs.

You will be required to provide evidence of qualification/student status.

We look forward to welcoming you. 

Heads of a Sensory Support Services

Are you a Head of a Sensory Support Service/Specialist Teaching Services/Manager of SEND, but are not a Teacher of the Deaf, Teacher of VI nor Teacher of MSI? Find out about the joint VIEW & BATOD offer for HoSS