Coronavirus: Meeting the needs of children with VI

VIEW, RNIB and NatSIP have updated their open letters for schools and colleges on coronavirus and education support for children with vision impairment.

As before, these set out some specific issues for schools and colleges to consider on meeting the needs of children with vision impairment. The latest version focuses on face coverings and recent changes to government guidance, whilst also acknowledging concerns around new variants of coronavirus. It also covers peripatetic specialist support, exam arrangements and catch-up support.

These open letters are available to you to share with schools and colleges in your area as appropriate.

Open letters for Scotland will be available shortly.



Northern Ireland

This document has been produced alongside: VIEW’s Students with vision impairment returning to school after the lockdown: considerations for risk assessments (June 2020) and HabVIUK Coronavirus (COVID 19) Habilitation and Risk Assessment Guidance (May 2020) which provide further detail.